Durable products that provide flawless functionality

Net Kalıp

Net Kalıp, which started its activities on the production of plastic injection molds in an area of ​​​​70 m2 in Bayrampaşa, today produces plastic injection molds, form molds, metal presses, as well as plastic injection molds in Hadımköy on an area of ​​​​2500 m2.

At the same time, by increasing its product variety, it also sells furniture accessories used in home and office furniture industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, sports equipment and many similar sectors.

Net Kalıp, founded by Ali Türkmen, has more than 20 special products patented by Net Kalıp, which attaches great importance to design and R&D studies since the day it started operating.

To lead the sector by creating functional, innovative and aesthetic designs and exceeding customer expectations without sacrificing quality.